Mad Hatter Pub Montreal


Are you into beer and cheap food? Whose supply ranges from micro and domestic to imports and are offered together with plenty of gaming like a game of pool. To find an opportunity to host any kind of event and ensure your friends celebrate together with, you must ensure to choose a place with quality services and affordable one too. To make the occasions successful you need a wide range of bar menus and variety of drinks and in a non-disappointing atmosphere. Below are services to consider when finding a good place for your event:


  • Drinks


Find a place where drinks are supplied in plenty to ensure you have  everybody with you getting their favorite drink. While some bars stick to local drinks others have gone a little further to get supply in wide either in domestic and micro or imports. Have also those into hard drinks as well, explore the adventure of the world of liquor.


  • Food


For hungry customers who want to explore a wide range of our food? Mad Hatter Pub Montreal will let you Enjoy a Jack Daniel’s Burger, or 12 oz Steak all with sides of poutine, onion rings or salad, the famous Guinness Burger along with several other dishes for the same affordable price.


  • Games


Look for a place where they care about game lovers. Whether a game of pool, catching big games to ensure you keep entertained for the whole night long. Where you get Involved in challenges with friends in a game of pool to make your holiday memorable.


  • Good music and DJ sessions


This will be a good flavor for parties and beer drinkers as they prefer such environment. Everyone in a party likes to participate in a clubby events like dancing when the DJ has a louder music where everyone goes wild singing and dancing.

Whether a family, friends, lovers or work mates event, Mad Hatter Pub Montreal will provides an atmosphere where one can grab a drink and proceed to play a game of pool all night long with high range of pleasure. Make your event a success by choosing the right place to host it, a place where your company will go wild for the kind of pleasure they get and a place where people leave their insecurities outside before entering the place. Also make sure the place is secure so that everybody will feel relaxed and willing to participate in the event.



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