The spectacular lakes of Albania that you must visit


What was once one of the most hermetic and unknown countries in the world is little by little raising its sights, opening its doors and its heart to tourism. Aware that it is an impossible task to recommend the places of Albania where to go and not leave things behind us, we will try to do it in a much simpler way. Relax, enjoy and get ideas with this list of the main attractions and must-sees on a trip to Albania. We warn you that you are going to have an irrepressible desire to travel to the new jewel of the Balkans.

Lakes of Albania

Despite having many kilometers of coastline and being nourished by two seas as different as the Adriatic and the Ionian, the importance of lakes in Albania should be highlighted. Albania has natural underground aquifers and sufficient water resources in the form of fresh water bodies scattered throughout different parts of the country.

Shkoder Lake

Albania shares the waters of this lake with its neighbor Montenegro, just as it shares the border line naturally marked by the Bojana River, the lake’s natural outlet to the Adriatic. The lake is surrounded by mountains. It is a fairly wild lake whose shore, except for the southern area of Zogaj, has not been exploited for tourism at the moment.

Koman Lake

This artificial lake temporarily stores the waters of the Drin River, the longest river in Albania. Despite being a human work to try to ‘domesticate’ the waters of the Drin basin, dams and retaining walls apart, the natural enclave, between huge rocky cliffs full of vegetation, is still spectacular. Situated between rugged mountains, Lake Koman is known as a common transportation route, by boat.

Prespa lake

In the absence of one, this great lake of tectonic origin is shared by three countries: Albania, Greece and Macedonia. Located in the southeastern part of the country, the main access point to this abrupt and eminently rural area of ​​Albania is the town of Korce. It is a place with great possibilities, especially at the level of nature activities and active tourism.

Lake Ohrid (UNESCO)

The antithesis of Lake Prespa, on a tourist level, could well be its neighbor Lake Ohrid. In reality, the two lakes form an interconnected system of underground aquifers, and the waters of Lake Prespa, which is higher, seep through different cavities and underground conduits to emerge very close to Pogradec, the main town of Lake Ohrid on the shore. Pogradec has a promenade and diverse tourist infrastructure.


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