Why A Bright Lens


Now that you have understood what aperture is and what a very bright lens is, I will tell you the reasons for having one.


Aperture not only determines the amount of light that enters a target. It also has another effect, the depth of field, which comes to be the focused or sharp part of the image, said so that you can understand it.

Low Light Situations

Well, this is easy, if the lens allows more light to enter at the same time as another less bright lens, it will allow you to get better photos in low light situations, for example indoors.

More than once you will have seen the need to increase the ISO value because the camera flash did not reach you (or you did not like the effect) and you have no external. You also couldn’t use a slower firing speed to get more light in, because then the subject came out moving. Once we have our images, what we do is overlap them with some editing program for mac.

Fast Speeds

We have just discussed it; a bright lens allows faster shooting speeds since, at the same time, it allows more light to enter. Required when shooting moving objects or when you cannot use a tripod even if the scene remains still.

Bokeh With Shapes

What is bokeh? It has to do with reason one, depth of field, and you better see it, because here it is quite true that an image is worth a thousand words.

To achieve this effect you need a very bright lens, whether you like it or not, because you will have to use very large apertures.

Sports Photography

Sport is speed, they are constant and very fast movements. That is why you have to use very fast firing speeds if you want to freeze the instant. The brighter your target, the faster the firing speeds can be (without resorting to the “dangerous” ISO).


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