Why It is Important to Use a Gun Cleaning Mat?


There are many people who own gun. It is very easy to own a gun, but the hardest part is maintenance. One of the main reasons why you should do regular maintenance of the gun is because it can get rusted. And after some times you will not be able to use it properly or it may not work in emergency. So, it is very important that you take care of your gun and do regular cleaning. Now, cleaning doesn’t mean that every day you start cleaning. Once in a week you can do the cleaning accordingly. It also important for the gun user’s to know that you should not keep the gun on any plain surface like a table or floor and clean it.

Clean the Gun Using Mats

It is important that you use a proper gun cleaning mat on whatever surface you are cleaning the gun. The gun cleaning mats are water-proof. And when you are using a gun cleaning solvent, then you should use a gun cleaning mat so that the solvent doesn’t leak through the mat. Plus, it is important for you to know that if the mat is wet with the cleaning solvent, then don’t make the mistake of placing the gun parts in the mat. It is better that you place the gun parts on a clean towel.

Buy the Right Size Mat

There will be different divided sections in the mat that you will get. So, you can always place your bullets, cleaning brushes, gun oil etc. carefully in those sections. It is also important that you separate the gun parts carefully when cleaning it. And use gun cleaning solvent to clean it. You can also get a gun cleaning mat for glock’ check online. Rifles will always need a larger and wider cleaning mat, so when you purchase one make sure to check the size and don’t buy a gun cleaning mat, as they are small.

Use Instruction Imprinted Mats

Some of the rifle cleaning mat comes with the instructions of cleaning the parts and how to remove the parts of the rifle imprinted on it. So, you can always buy such kinds of mat. It will easy for the green-horn users to read the instructions and clean accordingly. But you should also mention the buyer which type of gun or rifle you are using. Make sure that you clean the mat using mild cleansing agent, and don’t put it in washing machine or dry in the sun.

Don’t spill the Oil in the Mat

You can use a soft cloth material to clean the gun parts & for the interior you can place it in the sun to get dry. Use proper gun cleaning liquids & polish that is available in the stores. Also, use the oil carefully and don’t over use it or spill it on the mat. Make sure that you have the proper cleaning brushes and tools of proper size for your gun or rifle. Gun cleaning mats are beneficial because they protect the surface of the gun from any kind of scratches or damages etc. So, always buy a gun cleaning mat.


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