Why Picking a Good Pizza House Matters So Much?


    It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to eat a pizza. They’re the perfect filling foods that make wonderful lunch and dinner. And, who doesn’t love pizzas? But, the question is, can everyone afford them so frequently? Well, unfortunately, pizzas can be super expensive at times. So, does that mean you have to suppress your random pizza cravings and save money so that you can order it some time later on some special occasion? Well, not really – at least not if you order them from the right places.

    Always remember, right places are those that make affordable pizzas without jeopardising the quality. One such pizza house is livraison Double Pizza in Montreal. With 30 locations in Montreal and Quebec, the Double Pizza food delivery is guaranteed good. You can visit their website – https://www.doublepizza.ca/ – to find out whether or not they offer home delivery at your location. That said, some of the best benefits of ordering from them are listed below. Have a look!

    1. They’re Affordable

    Yes, you heard it just fine – a family run business where the passion for pizzas runs like blood, livraison lives to make food affordable for people. And, hence, their money saving combo deals. Have a look!

    • The C2 Special Meal – 2 medium pizzas+medium fries+2L Pepsi starting at just 23.99 dollars.
    • The Hockey Special Meal – 1 large pizza+8 chicken wings+1sauce+small fries starting at just 20.74 dollars.
    • The Pickup Special 7 Days Offer on Takeaways – 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza at 10.74 dollars and 1 large all-dressed pizza at 13.74 dollars.
    • The Summer Special Combo Meal – 2 large pizzas+medium fries+6 bottles of chocolate milk, 237 ml each at just 27.99 dollars.
    1. They Offer Loyalty Programs

    You have to sign up with them to be eligible for their loyalty program that goes like this:

    • You earn 1 point for every 5$ purchase with them.
    • 30 points can be used to purchase 1 large all-dressed pizza or any 3 toppings that you like.
    1. They Have a Devoted Staff

    Their staff works to ensure customer satisfaction by following the cooking codes as listed below.

    • They use fresh ingredients only.
    • No meal is pre-cooked. They make all orders fresh.
    • They deliver hot food at your doorsteps.

    So, the next time you get that pizza craving, just call livraison Double Pizza and enjoy yummy meals at affordable rates.


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