Why clearing a1 English test is necessary to get UK spouse visa


The English test has been made mandatory to check the Basic English proficiency of the candidate applying for a spouse visa in the UK. The A1 English test is a basic level English test that is required for the candidates applying for further leave to remain or a business visa in the UK. This test checks the understanding of the candidate and the usage of basic words in their conversation. The test ensures that the candidate has the English language understanding of at least a 5-year-old. Here is some additional information about the test:

The necessity of English test

If the candidates applying for the spouse visa are not from a majority English speaking country then they must prove that they have a basic level understanding of the language. The candidates who wish to enter the UK must be able to clear the basic level exam of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) to demonstrate that they have the required English knowledge to be eligible to get a visa for the UK.

Where to take the test from?

The necessity of taking the English test for both listening and speaking has been explained to you. The next step for the candidate is to know from where they can avail of the tests. It is of utmost importance that the students take the exam from a provider that takes Secure English Language Testing (SELT) and is home office approved in the UK.

Stating the purpose

If you are attending the English test for the spouse visa purpose you will have to select the option of UKVI purposes while booking for the test. This is important because if you select other purposes like academic there is a possibility that your application might be rejected. You have to appear for a UKVI approved test to be eligible for a spouse visa in the UK. You can book your seats for the test online and also select your preferred location from the mentioned locations online. The price of booking this test is usually 200.00 GBP. You can also visit the website of the provider and know more details.

How the test proceeds?

There will be a 6-minute long speaking and listening test where the examiner will check basic English by giving tasks. The tasks will include speaking on a general topic or make a conversation. This is only to know whether the candidate will be able to make basic conversation required in day-to-day life. The candidates will receive a provisional result on the same day.

These are some of the points about the importance of the A1 English test for the spouse visa in the UK. If you are planning to get your visa in the UK because your spouse resides there you will have to follow the points mentioned above and try to clear the test. There are resources available on the internet for preparation for the test you can also go through them to clear the exam and get a visa in the UK. 


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