Semarang- The Gateway to Friendship and Warmth 


Most American citizens, around 75%, seeks help from travel agents for planning their vacations. Young travelers want to explore the world like never before. Advance information and technology allows an individual to plan and book vacations for them. But if you are planning to visit a distant and exotic country like Indonesia, then a travel agent can streamline your luxurious, intricate trips and ensure you get the best of your money. It can be a maiden overseas trip; families get together; the agent ensures everything happens as it is planned. The agents ensure you come back to your home town with a lifetime of memories.

Untouched beauty

The hotel booking agents in Semarang offers more than 800 rooms, which are situated in the vicinity of various tourist destinations, beautiful beaches, and commercial complexes. Hotel semarang provides all services like free Wi-Fi, television, sparkling clean toilet, spotless linen, and toiletries like soap, shampoo, towel, sanitary bag, and toothpaste. The tariff is reasonable with a cozy stay and excellent food.  You can pay by credit/debit card, ewallet, or bank transfer. You can avail of the “Pay at Hotel” option while checking in at the hotel.

Semarang is the capital of the central Java province of Indonesia.  It is the largest city of the province with a major port. It is a dreamy town, with unexplored beauty; the colonial retro cafes will make you nostalgic. The ambiance of the city is full of warmth and friendliness. People are hospitable and kind and embrace you with an open heart. You will be awed with fear and excitement when you travel across the valley in a ropeway, which is 2000 meters above sea level. The breathtaking bird’s eye view of the lush green Bandungan valley will transport you to another mystic world. The memorable ride will cost just SGD$2.36.

Save time

Travel agents plan your vacation with care and expertise to give you the utmost pleasure and comfort. This saves a lot of time and hassle as the planning of the vacation is in the hand of an expert. A knowledgeable and experienced travel agent will recommend the trip destination while you are travelling. As they know the country like the back of their hand, they provide all the details and advice. They will help with documentation like passport renewal, obtaining an international driving license, taking the stress out of your vacation, leaving you more relaxed and tranquil. Many untoward incidents can happen while traveling like flight cancelation, lost luggage, bad weather. The agent helps you to cope up with the challenges and make necessary changes in the plan.


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